How To Clean A Table Tennis Paddle – Step by Step Guide

The following guide answers your question about how to clean a table tennis paddle without damaging its rubber.

Although table tennis paddles perform well, their rubber might lose its grip if not cleaned. Don’t worry because I have created a list of some ways to help you clean your ping pong paddle and make it long-lasting. A ping pong paddle’s material affects your performance, but it can get dirty and lose its grip if you do not keep it clean. Many people blame manufacturers for making low-quality equipment, which is false.

If you purchase an expensive ping pong paddle but don’t clean it, it will lose its grip after some time. Hence, maintaining your equipment is essential. The most prominent part of a table tennis paddle is its rubber. A dirty rubber loses its original appearance, and its quality falls with time. The following ways can help you clean your table tennis paddle and avoid the deterioration of your paddle’s rubber.

How To Clean A Table Tennis Paddle?

Improves Performance

As you know, a ping pong paddle has a rubber to increase friction because it lets the ball spin more. This rubber enhances your performance by spinning your ping pong ball. If you clean your paddle more often, the rubber will stay clean, and there will be maximum friction to spin the ball. In contrast, if your paddle is dirty, its rubber gets dirty and decreases friction, which reduces the spin in your ping pong pickleball.

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How To Clean A Table Tennis Paddle

Durable Rubber

Besides improving your performance, cleaning your ping pong paddle also increases the durability of its rubber. As I stated earlier, if the rubber gets dirty, it decreases friction and affects your performance negatively. If this happens, you need to replace your paddle’s rubber with a new one.

Replacing your paddle’s rubber after some time can cause you a lot of money. Hence, you can prevent it by cleaning your paddle more often because proper cleaning of your paddle removes dust and makes it more long-lasting.

What To Use For Cleaning A Table Tennis Paddle?


Water is essential for cleaning your table tennis paddle. Though it is significant, you can’t wash your ping pong paddle with only water. You must use other things to clean your paddle and remove the dust from its rubber. You require water to wet your sponge and to rinse the paddle. You can either use bottled water or distilled water.


Then comes another significant thing you must have to clean your table tennis paddle. A sponge plays a prominent role in scrubbing your paddle. You use it to scrub the rubber to remove the dirt from it and increase the friction to enhance your performance. In short, a sponge is essential for cleaning your ping pong paddle.

Rubber Cleaner

You can find a variety of rubber cleaners in the market. These rubber cleaners have various properties that clean the rubber without damaging its surface. Furthermore, they contain a liquid chemical that prevents moisture formation and helps to dry the paddle quickly.

Alternatives To Rubber Cleaners

Dish Soap

Dish soap is the best alternative to rubber cleaners because it can remove dust from the paddle. Though it can help to clean the paddle, you must use a non-biological or less-reactive dish soap to prevent any damage to the rubber. Many dish soaps contain highly-reactive components for a better result, but these components can damage the surface of the rubber. Hence, you should use a lee-reactive dish soap to scrub the paddle.

Rubbing Alcohol

Another effective alternative to rubber cleaners is rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol removes sticky dirt particles from the surface. You might have seen people using rubbing alcohol to clean various things. If you don’t have a less-reactive dish soap, you can use rubbing alcohol to remove the dirt. Rubbing alcohol contains reactive components that can damage rubber with constant use. You should not exceed its use on the paddle, or it will damage the rubber.

Baking Soda

Sometimes your paddle starts to smell bad because of sweat. Don’t worry about the odor because you can fight it with the help of baking soda. As you know, baking soda can help to remove various stains. It can also help you clean your table tennis paddle. Though it removes stains and dirt, its continuous use also damages rubber. Therefore, you should use it for a limited time.

How To Clean A Table Tennis Paddle

Steps To Clean A Table Tennis Paddle

Apply Cleansing Solution

The first step to cleaning a ping pong paddle is applying the cleansing solution. You can use alternatives to rubber cleansers but do not put too much on the paddle. If you have a cleansing spray, spray the solution on your paddle’s rubber.

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Use A Sponge

You should use a sponge to spread it all over the paddle. After applying it to the paddle, you should rub it gently to remove the dirt. Some people leave the cleanser on the paddle for a few minutes and then rub it. This method is effective because it helps to remove dirt effortlessly without scrubbing harder.

Clean It With Water

After scrubbing the rubber, you should use a clean cloth to clean the paddle. You can also dip the sponge in water to clean the paddle. Though you can rinse your table tennis directly with water, it might take some time to dry completely.


Various methods can help you clean your table tennis paddle’s rubber, but they might affect its surface. You should use a rubber cleaner to prevent damage to the material.

Cleaning your ping pong paddle more often can help you maintain your equipment, but using harsh chemicals on the rubber can damage its surface. You should use less-reactive chemicals to clean the paddle once a week.


The above guide contains information about how one can clean their table tennis paddle. You can follow these steps to maintain your equipment and make it long-lasting. Although rubber cleansers are effective because they are much safer, you can use rubbing alcohol, baking soda, or dish soap as alternatives. Hopefully, this article helped you find ways to keep your equipment clean.

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