Learn How to Clean Your Pickleball Paddle Properly: Essential Tips and Techniques

How to Clean Pickleball Paddle

Cleaning the pickleball paddle seems challenging, but with the correct technique and guidelines, this can be the most effortless task. If you want to know how to clean pickleball paddle with all precautions to keep it dirt-free and increase its lifespan, read this article. Here, I will share all the cleaning methods so you can find the suitable one.

Discover the right cleaning agents, tools, and step-by-step instructions to remove dirt, grime, and sweat buildup without damaging the paddle’s surface. Also, I will cover all related care tips that make the paddle stay with you in the long run. Are you in a hurry to learn? So let’s start it without delay. 

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Why Clean a Pickleball Paddle?

Everyone knows that cleaning is compulsory and good for us, but still, new pickleball players ask why to clean the paddle. They are somehow right as other than just regular cleanliness benefits, the cleaning of pickleball paddles has many functional plus points. If you notice the surface of the pickleball paddle, it has texture to ensure better hitting. 

Therefore, when you keep playing the game without cleaning, the dirt slowly accumulates into GPS and fills them to remove the texture. This slow change seems fine but reduces the working efficiency of the pickleball paddle last. Also, the texture provides reasonable control to the player over the paddle.

In contrast, the dirty paddle fails to give the required power. All this results in the absence of impart spin, which leads to a game loss.

Furthermore, cleaning is essential to ensure durability. Suppose you keep playing the game with a paddle without cleaning. In that case, the dirt and sweat ultimately affect the quality of the product and reduce its life. So if you want the actual value of your by increasing the life of the paddle, regular cleaning is the right way to achieve this.

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How to Clean Pickleball Paddle

How to Clean Pickleball Paddle? Step By Step Guide

1. Clean the Playing Surface

For this method, you need two things only. Firstly, microfiber cloth for a good rub. While for active cleaning, you can use a glass cleaner or abrasion-resistant liquid dishwasher soap; this depends on availability. Just put the liquid over the fabric and rub the paddle surface gently.

These things easily remove the dirt properly from the textured surface. To stay safer, make sure not to rub with extra power as it may damage the surface. Try to be as gentle as possible: however, it will take additional time. 

What if you don’t have these products? In this case, you can use a soft terry tower, and instead of any cleaning liquid, you can go with hot water. Use the same cleaning method and take your time to make sure you clean it properly. Once you complete the process, dry the paddle surface because moisture can damage the surface. Also, there are chances that the dampness can destroy the core of your paddle. 

Clean Magic Eraser

If you want a quick cleaning method, then try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This is the best cleaning option regarding how to clean a pickleball paddle. To do this, firstly, scrub away the dirt with a brush. Next, put the cleaner over the cloth or towel and rub the paddle surface. Lastly, clean it with water and dry it with a cloth. Your paddle is ready to play efficiently. 

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2. Clean the Grip

The paddle surface has direct contact with dirt, but the paddle’s grip has more connection with your sweaty hand. This thing makes it more likely to get dirty and require deep cleaning. However, if you are using new grips with sweat-absorbing properties, you don’t have to be worried about the damage. But still, these grips require regular cleaning after a sweaty play. 

After a game, you just have to clean the grip with a wet cloth to ensure nothing terrible is left on it. This method increases the life of the grip; however, in case of damage, this will not work for you. Keep an eye on the grip condition; if you find any wear and tear, go for replacement; instead of cleaning, as it may affect your performance. 

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Other Pickleball Paddle Care Methods

  • Avoid Extreme Climate

The paddles are sensitive to sweltering and cold climates; any change in them can potentially damage the surface. Consequently, it is crucial to keep them covered after the play. Also, remember to keep them in a closed palace because the outside temperature is not suitable. 

  • Store It Properly

Appropriate storage of pickleball paddles is vital to keep them away from damage. Proper storage also makes many people not ask how to clean pickleball paddles. In contrast, if you place the paddles directly in your car without any cover, they will get dirt, and you will end up with broken paddles. To avoid this, always use a mask when paddles are not in use. 

  • Avoid Using Paddles to Lift Balls

Are you using your paddles to lift the ball? Please stop doing this, as it can damage the paddle because of the clash with the court. I know it seems cool to do, but something other than this is needed to keep it in practice. If you are willing to boost the lifespan of your item, avoid this habit. 

  • Keep Paddles off the Ground

Sometimes the paddle accidentally touches the court, and the hit can be challenging during play, damaging the paddle. Try to avoid this activity as much as possible because this can cause significant damage, and you will end up with a paddle replacement.

  • Avoid Exposure to Water

The paddle is made up of material that is prone to moisture and damage. The water is the biggest enemy of a pickleball paddle; therefore, it is essential to keep it away as much as possible. For this, never put it in the rain and in case of rain cover it immediately. The water touch with the paddle results in irreversible damage and requires replacement. 

  • Don’t Throw It Around

Paddles are very fragile in nature as pickleball is not very tough; therefore, throwing it around randomly will break the paddle completely. Also, throwing the paddle is disrespectful to the game. If you want to be a worthy keeper, never do this.

  • Pickleball Grip Changes

Grips play a vital role in game performance; therefore, keeping them in better condition is crucial. The best way to do this is a regular replacement. Whenever you notice the grip loses its texture, immediately replace it. You can take care of the paddle to increase its durability. In contrast, when it comes to grip, it is pretty tough to maintain the condition of the grip. So, replace it after signs of damage. 

Pickleball Paddle Storage

To improve the shelf life of your pickleball paddle, with cleaning, you have to be serious about the paddle storage. Proper storage of a paddle ensures additional safety. It keeps it away from all damaging factors, like dust, water, moisture, etc. Moreover, with storage, your paddle stays protected from extreme weather conditions. For example, cold weather results in cracks over the paddle surface. On the other hand, the hot weather makes them soft and reduces efficiency. 

Pickleball Paddle Storage

For this purpose, you can use the pickleball paddle bag, which is the safest option. However, many players cannot afford this product; in this case, they go for a paddle cover. Although the cover fails to fight weather conditions, it still stops the water and dirt. Also, never place them uncovered anywhere when not in use. If you follow these directions, it will increase the lifespan of your dearest paddle. 


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The Bottom Line

Regarding how to clean pickleball paddle, there are a few options, and I shared them with you. It’s on you to choose the suitable option and make it a regular habit after a match. With the cleaning, there are many other factors that I mentioned earlier to increase the durability of the paddle; therefore, make sure to follow them as well. Even the most minor thing matters when it comes to the care of the pickleball paddle, so stay concerned about it and enjoy a good play on the court.

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