How To Fix a Broken Badminton Racket

How To Fix a Broken Badminton Racket

This guide will tell you how to fix a broken badminton racket easily and quickly so that you can repair it and use it again.

Whether the frame of the badminton racket is broken or its string is impaired, if you play badminton frequently, then you must be familiar with the trauma it causes you. Being proficient players, I believe the players should be aware of some simple tips, tricks, and strategies to fix a broken badminton racket.

Well, I know the breaking of the badminton racket is not common, but I personally have come across this stress two times in my life. Dealing with a broken racket, whether its frame is shattered or its strings are split, is not only fatigue but also a hindrance that impacts the tempo and rhythm of your game. But yes, not anymore!

As soon as you finish reviewing this article, you will understand the step-by-step guide to repairing a broken badminton racket. We will talk about how to repair a broken badminton racket’s frame and how to repair a broken badminton racket’s string. Let us, without wasting any more time, look at the guide below.

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procedures to Fix A Broken Badminton Racket?

Read the details here to get some tips, tricks, and step-by-step procedures to help you repair a badminton racket on your own. We will first talk about the procedure to repair the racket if it has been broken from the frame area and then will look at the guide to help you manage the racket that is broken from the strings side.

Guide on How To Fix a Broken Badminton Racket

How To Repair The Broken Badminton Racket’s Frame?

The procedure will hardly take around 12 to 18 hours, not more than that. If your badminton racket is broken from the frame area, it’s not always necessary to purchase a new one. Instead, you can go with this DIY procedure to use the same racket again after repairing it.

Materials You Will Need

  • Old cardboard
  • Super glue
  • Paper towel or some extra cloth


  • The first and foremost important thing that you have to do is to put the piece of cardboard under the broken racket frame. This is important because it will make sure that the drips of super glue are not touching your work surface or the table you’re working on.
  • Now look for the crack and put some super glue on it. Put the glow slowly, so it flows and enters into the crack to fill it up and seal it.
  • Make sure there are no air bubbles in the glue you’re putting inside the crack. This is because if there are some air bubbles, they will not fill the crack properly and instead will leave some spaces, and there would be a high chance of breaking off the racket’s frame again.
  • Now turn the racket upside down and fill the super glue inside the crack from this upside side. One thing in this step that you have to keep in mind is that the spot from where you have applied the glue should not come in contact with the piece of cardboard you have placed beneath it. This is because, in such a case, the racket will stick to the cardboard, which will be difficult to remove later.
  • Wait and watch until the super glue is slightly dry. Keep in mind to make sure that the glue is not completely dry.
  • Now is the time to put another thin layer of super glue, the second layer, on the cracked part of the badminton racket’s frame. Repeat the procedure of putting the glue the way you put it in the first time.
  • Now leave the racket and let it dry completely. It will take around 12 to 15 hours for the complete drying of the glue
  • After completely drying, try the badminton racket before using it for the game.
  • Restring the racket carefully, and you are ready to use it.

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12 steps process to Repair A Broken Badminton Racket’s String

Now in case your badminton racket is broken from the strings area, and there are only one or two strings that are broken, there is nothing to worry about, and remember not to go with restringing the entire racket. Following are the details of the procedure to help you fix the broken strings only. Read this 12 steps process to help yourself tie and fix the broken badminton string.

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How To Fix a Broken Badminton Racket step 2

  • The first important thing you have to look for when fixing the broken string is to check whether it is attached to the racket individually or if there are two long pieces. One for the vertical stringing and the other for the horizontal stringing. In case the strings are attached in separate structuring, fixing the broken string is simple by simply removing them and attaching a new one.
  • Otherwise, if there are two long strings, then the first thing that you have to do is to secure the last string by making a note at the grommet. You can use a specialized clamp for tying the knot. Here you have to make sure to maintain the exact tension. Cut off the broken string after knotting the last string with the grommet.
  • Make sure the new string you have is exactly of the same type that the broken string is. Now cut a length by measuring the string length you need to fix. Make sure to cut the string by adding a couple of inches to the exact length of the broken string.
  • After getting the proper length of the fresh string, now is the time to make the attachment. Notice where the defect is. Now hold one end of your string in your index finger and thumb and put it into the grommet exactly at the place where you have to fix the defect. Now carefully tie a knot to tighten it.
  • After proper tightening, bring the tightened-up new string through the grommet where you previously had removed the broken string. Now weave both of the strings with each other, the new string and the string that is attached to the racket.
  • Ensure to maintain the right tension in the string by pulling it through the grommet.
  • You can wrap the string end on the hammer’s handle or something else. Make sure the product you are selecting has some grip.
  • Now use the tool to tighten the string until it matches the tension the other strings have in the racket.
  • After you achieve the desired tension, you can use a clamp to secure the string in its place.
  • This is the last step, where you must pull the string right through the grommet next to this string. Tie a knot here, the simple one, to make it secure.
  • Now cut off the extra string in case there is any. Look at both sides so that there is no extra string that can otherwise hinder you while playing.
  • You have repaired a broken badminton racket string.


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Final Thoughts

This article mentioned above tells you about an effortless step-by-step guide so you can easily practically perform the steps to settle down the broken badminton racket. You should not worry if your badminton racket string is broken or its frame is damaged. We have explained the easy, quick, and effortless way of fixing the damaged racket so that you can perform the procedure independently.

What you have to do is to read the article mentioned above with thorough attention to learn about the procedure to solve both of these issues. This will help you repair the broken badminton racket simply with the tools and accessories you already have in your home.

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