How to Get in Shape for Pickleball – Tips and Exercises for Peak Performance

Here I have brought to you the different exercises and skills that will help you in knowing how to get in shape for pickleball.

If you are into a game and want to become a pro pickleball player, then it is obvious that you have to be in good shape. Being in shape for pickleball not only includes physical health and stamina but also includes skills. A player who is physically fit but lacks skills or vice versa is not one who is in good shape to play.

You cannot play pickleball without either one. Whether it is just a neighborhood pickleball game or a professional competition, it is better to know how to get in shape for pickleball in time.

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How To Get In Shape For Pickleball?

Pickleball does not consist of intense physical activity. You don’t have to compulsively exercise or turn yourself into a gym freak in order to be in shape. If you have not gained command of pickleball skills then you must know the techniques and activities of pickleball rules that can make you improve a lot.

Whether it is your stamina, agility, paddle control, targeting ability, or balance on the court all can contribute to you being in shape for the game. Let’s dig deep into the methods and tricks that can ultimately lead to you being in shape.

A pickleball player while being on the court has to move. This game involves the player being engaged in sudden, fast, and continuous movements of both hindlimbs and forelimbs. You will have to be vigilant in moving your legs to make it to the pickleball.

Whereas your hands are responsible for having control of the pickleball paddle. In order to not only be in a good state to play but also to enhance your gaming skills it is important for players to follow some exercises. Here are a few of the beneficial exercises listed down below.

Physical Training

1. Running is one of the ideal activities that will show visible outcomes on the court. You can go for short but effective runs that will contribute to your on-court performance for sure. Your legs will be trained to move quickly and help you in reaching the ball wherever it falls on your side.

2. Push-ups are also a significant exercise for pickleball players as during push-ups your whole upper body is in action. This will not only give you speed but strength too. During push-ups, almost the whole weight of the individual’s body is exerted on the abdomen and hands of the one performing the exercise. Continuous push-ups will add more force to each shot that you make.

3. Planks are known to enhance coordination with the ball. Planks are not effective at targeting a single part of the body. This exercise is one of the most effective ones as it does not take much time and contributes to a large extent to get in a perfect state to perform well on the court.

Pickleball players will have more stability in keeping their physique blanched even during sudden movements. It is all because of the core strengths that doing planks adds to a person’s physical training.

4. Lunge can become a complete game changer for individuals who have command of speed but lack stability and groundedness. You will have to move right to left and jump in order to hit the ball accurately, lunges help is making it easier for you.

The posture that needs to be maintained can be difficult, but the repeated practice of making lunges will help you master it slowly and gradually. The lower level of the knee makes this posture difficult to maintain, but if you are able to attain this position then you will have command of it after a try or two.

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How To Get In Shape For Pickleball

Flexibility Exercise

You cannot engage in any kind of physical activity, either intense or not, without performing stretches. These exercises are aimed at preparing the body for the higher level of work that they need to put in.

Many professional players are seen to perform these flexibility exercises to keep their body’s optimal functioning easier. You will have to loosen up your body before and after pickleball training or workouts by performing a few stretches. This will act as a relaxing behavior.

Players have tension in the muscle because of the routine movement that they have to deal with. This muscle tension can be more after the performance of severe physical exercises. So, it is preferred to follow a few flexibility exercises just before and after any extra sensitive physical training.

You can use simple stretching techniques like shoulder stretches, quadricep stretches, Samson bend, side bend, knee to chest, looking in both ways for neck stretching, and toe touch is common. Find out how to do the poses here.

Skills Development

No matter which type or level a person needs to master, the most obvious and basic thing is to have know-how and command of the skills that are the requirement of the game. You cannot expect to be in good shape and have a good performance without having the skills.

Apart from the basic skills of getting engaged in physical activity and having an interest in the pickleball game, there is much more to it. Here are some skills which you can master in order to get into shape.

1. Agility

Agility is important as the more speed a player has the easier it will be for the player to perform well. In pickleball there is nothing especially, the courts are small but have rules about scoring. In such cases, speed in playing pickleball has more impact on the overall performance of the player. If you are vigilant, then you will think and move faster. The fast action-taking habit will help you in the future.

How To Get In Shape For Pickleball 2

2. Targeting

Pickleball is without any doubt a racquet game in which there is a court having a net in between the opponents. The player will have to hit the ball in such a way that it goes beyond the net in order to gain points. As pro pickleball players need to master this skill, it is best to practice on a regular basis. You can practice with family and friends to prepare for your upcoming pickleball season, or you can simply place a target on the wall and keep trying to hit it with a pickleball.

3. Paddle Control

The paddle is the main focus of pickleball games. Without it, the player cannot play the game. In order to truly be in shape for the game you need to know how to hold and move the paddle. This calls for a paddle with a strong grip and a wider face. The firm grip will reduce the chance of slipping off the handle and the wider face will make sure that each time you hit the ball. So, you really use the racquet to score points.


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Ready to try all these methods and strategies that will tell you how to get in shape for pickleball? Whether you are a professional or a newbie it is better to get into shape before an upcoming match. People do not play pickleball throughout the year. The advanced level of skills the person has includes consistency, speed, stability, the accuracy of the target, and growth along with a combination of events. You will have to stay fit by performing exercise and flexible activities.

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