Learn How to Hold a Padel Racket for Maximum Control

Guide on How To Hold A Padel Racket

The following guide answers your question about how to hold a padel racket correctly to enhance your performance.

Are you new in padel sport and looking for ways to hold your padel racket correctly? The following guide can help you in various ways because it contains all relevant information about the Padel racket. Although a padel resembles regular tennis, it uses a solid padel racket instead of a tennis racket. As it is a solid racket, you must hold it correctly to perform a professional shot.

Padel is a racket sport played in various parts of the world. The most highlighted difference between badminton and padel is that a padel court has walls and is smaller than a double tennis court. Besides that, padel sport requires a tennis ball and a padel racket designed for this sport. Let us dig into the following guide and explore ways to hold a padel racket like a professional player.

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Importance Of Holding A Padel Racket Correctly

Improves Performance

The most common benefit of holding a Padel racket is improving your performance. If you hold a padel racket correctly, it helps to increase your grip on the equipment. Professional players have perfect shots because of increased grip, which increases because of holding the equipment in the correct position.

Prevents Injuries

Your arm plays a vital role in this sport. Holding a padel racket incorrectly can result in various arm injuries. Hence, you must keep your padel racket correctly because it causes more spin and prevents arm and muscle injuries during the game. Different grip types enhance the health of your elbow by reducing the risks of injury.

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Best Grips To Hold A Pedal Racket

Continental Grip

The easiest grip to hold a racket is known as the continental grip. It is the most suitable grip for many beginner players. Besides beginners, many professional players use this grip to perform their shots. It uses a basic method, but you can learn backhand and forehand shots by practicing the continental grip. The following are a few methods to help you with the continental grip.

How To Hold A Padel Racket

Shaking Hands With Your Racket Method

Shaking hands with your racket is the easiest method that helps to hold your racket with a continental grip. It enables many beginner players to enhance their shots. To practice this method, you must have a partner or a coach to guide you.

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The first thing you must do is shake hands with the other player. After this handshake, your partner or coach holds the racket in a position where it lies vertically and points straight at you. After your partner takes his place, you have to shake hands with him, but instead of the handshake, you take the racket from him. Now, the vertically laying padel racket is in your hand, providing a continental grip.

Using A Racket Face Method

The second method to practice a continental grip is known as the racket face method. It is also an easy method that helps many beginners to practice their shots. To practice this method, you should hold your racket’s head with your hand.

You can only hold a racket’s head around its spine. In short, you can’t hold the padel racket from its middle. After holding its head, you should gradually slide your hand downwards. You must hold your racket in such a way that your thumb is on one face of the padel racket, and your other fingers are on the opposite side of the padel racket. When you keep sliding your hand downwards, a point will come where your thumb and hand meet. It is the point that stays across the racket’s spine.

The Eastern Forehand Tennis Grip

Next comes the eastern forehand tennis grip many professional players use to perform their shots. The famous Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal uses this grip to hold his racket and hit various shots. The eastern forehand grip is the best if you want your tennis ball to dip over the net and hit the opponent’s padel racket.

To play the eastern forehand grip, you should put the flat side of your racket on the ground and pick it up. This method provides you with the Eastern grip. Although this grip has many benefits, you can only perform well with this grip if you swing the racket. In short, this grip is the best for producing a backswing.

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How To Hold A Padel Racket

The Squash Finger Grip

Try the squash finger grip if you have already practiced the above grips. It is one of the advanced grips to play tennis and padel. Your thumb and forefinger play a vital role in this grip. The rest of your fingers provide support to the padel racket. If your finger positioning creates a V, you are holding the racket correctly. Many variations in this grip help you become a professional player.


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The above guide contains information about how to hold a padel racket correctly. Padel is a racket sport played in various parts of the world. If you hold a padel racket correctly, you can perform well during the game. Different grip types can play a significant role in enhancing the accuracy of your shots. The eastern forehand and the continental grip are the most effective grip for beginners. Moreover, the Squash finger grip is an advanced method and more suitable for professional players.

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