How to Make a Pickleball Paddle – A Step-by-Step Guide and Materials

How To Make A Pickleball Paddle

Elaborating here on how to make a pickleball paddle to help you make your own paddle with materials and tools that are available at home.

The pickleball game is among the most engaging, fun, and entertaining sports. It is one of the most popular games normally played in the US. Not only children but adults and even older adults also play this sport and take part in playing professional games. The game is fun, entertaining, and a great workout for the players. But what makes it best is the paddle you use in it.

When it comes to paddles, you will find unlimited options because so many companies manufacture top-quality and efficient pickleball paddles. But if you are looking for the pickleball paddle to help you in the game just the way you want, then I will recommend you to go with the customization of your paddle. This is not only budget-friendly but also very easy and effortless to do. Enlisting here 9 effortless steps that you can follow to make your pickleball paddle.

How To Make A Pickleball Paddles?

Elaborating on the details of how to make a pickleball paddle so that you can make your paddle with the use of materials and tools that are available at home. This procedure is not only easy but also budget friendly and will give you the best compatible pickleball paddle you can rely on to customize your paddle. Make sure to read the following details and steps with thorough attention.

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Guide to Make A Pickleball Paddle

Selecting The Materials

Since different types of construction materials are used for manufacturing the pickleball paddle, the first and most important thing that you have to pay attention to is selecting the right material. You must ensure that whatever product you select for manufacturing the paddle is highly reliable, durable, and comfortable.

I would recommend you go with wood. This is because wood is not only an affordable choice but also is very easy to deal with. Moreover, if you are a professional and can deal with the tools, you can also opt for aluminum construction material. It depends on you to select the most adequate and reliable construction material to make the best rigid, durable, and non-compressible pickleball paddle.

Finalizing A Template

This second step involves selecting the template. To customize your pickleball paddle, you will need a good template. The basic template is available at pickleball shops or sports centers. If you want, you can go with that and adjust it according to your need and requirement.

While finalizing the template, you must keep in mind the standard dimensions of the paddle according to the rule book of USAPA. Eight inches in width and 15 ¾ inches in length are considered the most common and reliable dimensions of the paddles. Make sure the dimensions you are considering and finalizing are the one that provides you with a balanced surface area, adequate shape, and proper thickness.

Moreover, keep in mind the standard shape of the pickleball paddle. The standard shape is square, but some paddles are elongated. I recommend you go with online help to select the best template for your paddle to make sure the paddle you make works for you.

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How To Make A Pickleball Paddle

Template Attachment

Now is the time to transfer the selected template to the construction material that you have previously finalized for the manufacturing of the paddle. One of the most common and effortless ways to perform this transference is the tracing of the templates with the use of a pencil. Moreover, another option involves the attachment of the construction material and template with the use of adhesive tape or glue.

Cutting Off The Paddle

Wohuu, it’s time to cut the construction material. Now you have to use a cutting tool or whatever tool you have to make a long cut. Make sure the tool you have selected is compatible with the cutting of the material you have for the making of the pickleball paddle. Cut the paddle according to the shape of the template. Make sure that your cut is smooth, accurate, and fine.


After cutting properly, you now have to sand the paddle. Sanding will help you in making the cutout of the paddle neat and clean. It will also help in the removal of the template. Well, not only sanding but you can also remove the paddle with the use of adhesive remover or simply by putting it in the water for some time.

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Sanding that helps in the removal of the template also is useful in making the paddle neat and clean. It clears the edges and handles of the paddle to make it fine and smooth. You can practically do sanding via a machine called a sander or with your hands with the use of sandpaper.


After you have properly cleaned out the template of the paddle, now is the time to make the handle. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the handle of the paddle should be thick compared to the paddle itself. Create another template on another piece of wood and ensure that the dimensions you have made are adequate according to your hand size.

The handle you’re making should be easy to hold and provide you with ergonomic handling. It has been noticed that an old hockey stick or other construction materials that are similar to the hockey stick are ideal for making the handle. After cutting off the handle according to the specifications you have made, you now have to make a slot in the handle.

How To Make A Pickleball Paddle

Make sure the handle material fits inside this. You can use a screw to secure both of these together or can also go with the use of wood glue to join the handle. After attaching the handle, you can finish it by adding tennis or hockey tape. Moreover, you can also add foam on the outer surface of the handle.

This makes the handle more comfortable and ergonomic to hold. Now go with a tennis grip to give the handle a nice finish. It is not a compulsory step but is optional for you. For this, you can use a screw hook.

This screw hook is hooked at the end of the handle, and the string is added to make the strap. You also have the option of drilling a hole and threading the string through the whole. After threading, you can tie the string into a loop to tighten it properly.


Now, as your pickleball paddle is ready to use, you can go with its decoration and design. One thing that you have to keep in mind while designing and decorating your pickleball paddle is that the rules say that you should not use any rough surfacing, holes, or indentations in the core surface.

You can go with decoration based on IPS and USAPA guidelines and none other than that. You can paint the surface of the pickleball paddle with some smooth paint or can use the stickers to stick on them. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the surface should not be rough and should be smooth after the decoration ends.


The USA pickleball association has prohibited the usage of homemade pickleball paddles in tournaments and professional plays.


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Final Thoughts

This article mentioned above is an easy guide that is a step-by-step procedure to help you customize your pickleball paddle. The steps mentioned above are not only easy to perform but also very effortless and quick to follow. You do not have to put strenuous efforts into making your pickleball paddle after following the procedure mentioned above.

Make sure that you have understood the whole process, as proper understanding will not only help you in making the right pickleball paddle but also will make the whole project interesting and easy.

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