How To Make a Ping Pong Paddle Sticky: Easy Methods

Read a brief article with all the methods used for making your ping pong paddle sticky so you can have a nice grip during the game.

Ping pong is liked and played by many people all over the globe but it gets frustrating when you have to change the paddle after every few months. The stickiness of the ping pong paddle goes away after constant use for two to three months.

One cannot invest in a new paddle now and then so I have found a few methods that will definitely help in making the ping pong paddle sticky. Dive into the article below to determine the best method that can help you make your paddle sticky without harming the rubber.

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How To Make a Ping Pong Paddle Sticky?

The stickiness of the ping pong paddle plays an important role in your game because it will help you have a competitive advantage over the opponents. You might not have an idea but the stickiness of the ping-pong paddle has a direct effect on the grip.

If you do not have a nice grip on the paddle, you will end up making silly moves unconsciously. It is very much important to check the stickiness of the ping pong paddle before you start the match.

People who are new in the game might not know how to check or make the paddle sticky to retain their position in the game. Over time, I have used a few methods that helped me make my paddle sticky.

You can follow the simple methods that are mentioned below to add stickiness to the ping-pong paddle. These will help you save a great amount of money as you won’t have to buy a new paddle every time the old one loses its stickiness.

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How To Make a Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

Replacing The Rubber

If you use your ping pong paddle regularly, the rubber will eventually lose its stickiness. This is a known fact and you can easily make it right by replacing the rubber of the paddle. Although some players think that this might not be a good solution it works pretty well temporarily. You can find a variety of ping pong paddle rubbers in the market and each one of them has a different purpose.

It is best if you purchase the rubber according to your playing style. Hence you can add the stickiness back by replacing the old rubber with new rubber. A good quality rubber will stay sticky for at least six months which is more than enough for a person who spends hours playing the game.

Cleaning The Paddle

The ping pong paddle will be exposed to excessive dust and dirt because it is being used regularly. A thin layer of dust particles will affect the stickiness of the paddle. It is recommended to clean the paddle with a clean cloth to restore or rejuvenate the stickiness.

Any liquid, including water or alcohol, can be used to clean the entire surface. After cleaning the paddle, leave it outside so it can get dry. You can use the ping pong paddle after the process is complete and might notice more stickiness than before.

How To Make a Ping Pong Paddle Sticky: Guide

Using Paddle Solution/Booster

Many old players believe that using a solution/booster is the most effective way to restore the stickiness of the ping pong paddle. A booster is a fume-free liquid that is applied with or without the glue to the rubber so it becomes sticky again. It is recommended to use two to three layers of the booster to get the desired level of stickiness. You should leave the paddle out for at least a day after applying each layer of the booster.

Using Sunflower Oil

This might come as a surprise but sunflower oil can make your ping pong paddle sticky. You just need to have two ingredients that might be present in your home. Take a paintbrush and put a few drops of oil on the rubber. Rub the brush gently on the entire surface unless the oil spreads evenly.

After the application, you can let the paddle dry for six to eight hours. Please check the stickiness after the oil has dried out completely. You can repeat this process two-three times unless you get the desired stickiness.

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How To Make a Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

Using Glue To make a ping pong paddle sticky

One of the easiest methods to retain the stickiness of old ping pong paddles is using glue. A thin layer of glue will save you from a great defeat/loss in the game. This gives you a nice grip and the rubber stays sticky so you can make your signature moves.

You can use a brush and apply the glue in thin layers. Although this is considered a very unprofessional and temporary method to make your ping pong paddle sticky but can be used as a quick fix when in need.

Hence all these methods can be used for making your ping pong paddle sticky even if you use it for hours. One cannot purchase a new paddle after every month or two so these are the best ways to retain the stickiness so your opponent does not have a competitive advantage over you. If you have a good quality to hold a ping pong paddle, it will stay sticky for months.


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A brief article with all the methods for making the ping pong paddle sticky is given for your help. These methods help all the players including the beginners to reuse the old paddle. You can eventually save money as the stickiness of the paddle goes away after a month or two of constant use. I hope that these methods will help you regain the stickiness without having an impact on the game. 

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