How To Practice Pickleball Alone? 7 Solo Drills and Effective Tips

How To Practice Pickleball Alone

Do you want to improve pickleball with practice, but have no partner? You need to know how to practice pickleball alone; for this, read here.

To improve your pickleball game, you need regular practice. However, finding a practice partner every time is a bit challenging. This situation raises the question of how to practice pickleball alone. It sounds unreal, but yes, to practice pickleball drills, you don’t need a partner. You can practice it in your garage, backyard, or lawn with no partner. 

If you are about to give up on practice because you fail to find a partner, stop here. In this article, I will share solo drills you can do if you have a pickleball paddle and a ball. Find a flat surface and take a paddle and ball with you to start the practice. Focus on solo drills, including service, accuracy, backhand shots, forehand shots, long shots, and practice leg work. To learn more, keep reading.

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Can You Play Pickleball By Yourself?

Are you alone at home, and there is no one to play with? No worries because when it comes to pickleball practice, you don’t need anyone. You can improve your service and shots at your home or pickleball court without a partner. If you fail to convince your friends or family to practice pickleball, it’s time to work on your shot without anyone’s presence. 

How To Practice Pickleball Alone?

Although you cannot play a pickleball game without another person, still, you can practice alone. There are so many options here to improve your gaming skills. However, to do this, you need to examine space whether you want to practice at home or on a pickleball court.

Also, determine your weak shots that require improvement as well as the tricks that your partner ignores during practice. You can do these shots and tricks alone. To ensure a better outcome, here is a guide for you on how to practice pickleball solo drills.

You can reap many of the sport’s benefits – both physical and mental – by practicing pickleball by yourself.

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How To Practice Pickleball Alone

1. Accuracy

Whether you want to serve, swing, or volley, you need accuracy. Generally, getting accurate shots is a tough job for maximum players, but it is possible to achieve. Also, it is a fast game that requires both speed and accuracy. With regular practice, you can send pickleball to your desired location. With a simple exercise, you can get considerable improvement. 

To do this:

  • Mark a spot in a square shape to define your target and stand outside the kitchen boundary.
  • Try to hit the marked area by using a paddle and ball.
  • For better control, try to hit the spot from different angles.

After a week, you will notice improvement. For better judgment, count accurate hits before practice and then after a week of training. If you want to enhance accuracy, this exercise is for you. 

2. Forehand And Backhand Pickleball Drills

To enhance the overall pickleball game, you need to master both forehand and backhand shots. It sounds challenging; however, you can improve your style and accuracy with practice. For practice, mark an area on the wall, as I mentioned earlier. After that, go seven feet back from the wall.

Now, it’s time for practice. To do this, serve the ball using the forehand, and when the ball bounces back, use the backhand. Keep doing this till you get comfortable and develop muscle memory. 

3. Practice Your Legwork And Stance

One should have strong legs and stances to make accurate shots in pickleball. Generally, people focus on shots and ignore this critical factor. However, to get the desired improvement in your game, you should consider this drill. You can easily do legwork and air shot practice at your home.

For better understanding, let’s imagine how to win a pickleball game. Here, notices the legwork. Can you make any shot without moving on time with solid legs and stance? Now you know the importance, so practice the stance and leg movement. 

4. Developing Comfort Zone In The Court

When you start playing pickleball on the court, it can make you confused. You can practice alone for a bit longer to avoid this strange feeling and get comfortable with the place. Also, at the start, you cannot hit the ball with the required speed; therefore, players often avoid you for practice. Try to practice on the court to boost the process and make quick shots alone.

5. Advanced Solo Dinking Practice

When it comes to dinking, you must think it is only possible to dink with an opponent. This is not the fact; you can do solo dinking on the pickleball court. To do this, serve the ball over the net from one side and then run to the other side to hit the ball. However, it will take a few days to hit the ball back from the other side. If you are a beginner, you may need something else. It is a suitable solo practice for intermediate and pro players. Try this technique to excel in dinking. 

6. Practice Long Shots

If you want to defeat your opponents, it is essential to learn long shots. To practice these shots, you need extra power, but these shots pay you back in the form of success. For long bursts, try to hit the ball with maximum strength. Once you learn the strategy of long shots, no one can beat you in pickleball. 

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How To Practice Pickleball Alone

7. Pickleball Machines

The pickleball machine is the best replacement for a player; however, it asks for a big part of your fortune. If you want to get a feel of a real pickleball game and have enough money to spend on this machine, you must go with it. The pickleball machine is a perfect companion and the answer to how to practice pickleball alone. 

Pickleball machines are an expensive product; therefore, consider these factors below before keeping your hand on any random option.  

  • Weight Of A Pickleball Machine

The weight of a pickleball machine depends on its users. If you want it for a pickleball court for players’ practice, you need a significant-sized machine to serve the purpose. Due to its large size, it is likely to be heavier and not portable. In contrast, if you buy a pickleball machine for personal use, you can use a smaller one with a portability feature. 

  • Portability 

Although portability is connected to machine weight, you can still find heavy ones with portability features. Before finalizing any product, read its weight and portability. Suppose you want to buy one for personal use and get one without portability. In that case, it will cause issues later and disturb your practice. 

  • Hopper Size

The hopper size decides how many balls a machine can throw at you and how long you can keep hitting without a break. Pickleball machines with small hoppers require quick refills and fail the real purpose of the device. However, you can go with a regular-sized hopper for personal use, but as a coach, make sure to choose a large-sized hopper.  

  • Spin

When you play pickleball with your opponents, they never encounter you with straight shots. Instead, you have to face backspin, sidespin, and topspin. Therefore, practice with a pickleball machine needs these options. Make sure to pick the device with all these settings to enhance your gaming skills during shopping. 

  • Speed-Altering Capabilities

As a beginner, you cannot hit fastballs, but you need fastballs after practice. Therefore, speed alteration is essential for lateral exercise. Also, if you are a coach and buying this for the training of your students, you need to hit speed according to student level. While purchasing a pickleball machine, check speed options and go with a machine with a maximum speed option.  


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The Bottom Line

Even without a pickleball court partner, now you know how to practice pickleball alone. You can do solo drills at your home or on a pickleball court. To improve your game, follow all the above-shared tips, i.e., accuracy, forehand shots, backhand shots, strong legwork and stance, advanced solo dinking, and long shots. Take your time and practice each solo drill to beat all opponents on the court.  

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