How To Score In Pickleball | Essential Techniques to Score Big and Dominate the Game

How to Scoring In Pickleball

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to score in pickleball! Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or a seasoned player aiming to take your game to the next level, this comprehensive resource is here to help you dominate the court.

From mastering strategic shot placements to honing your agility and timing, we’ll delve into the essential techniques that will empower you to score with confidence and precision. Let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to becoming a scoring powerhouse in pickleball!

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Scoring System in Pickleball

Never heard of the game pickleball scores before? It is quite surprising as this game is not something new to the world. But sadly, even after more than sixty years of its invention, many people are unknown to this game. You might have seen many pickleball courts in your neighborhood if you are a resident of East Naples, Florida.

Pickleball has been able to gather a lot of players towards it because it is different from many other professional games that need full-time dedication and lots of effort which can be an issue for many hobbyist sports players.

Living a fast-paced life makes it difficult for many to maintain an active life. If you are too in need of an undemanding and recreational activity, then pickleball is the game that you have been looking for. Have you already tried it, but turned down the idea to continue it?

Over the years, I have met many friends who have never tried playing the game because of the bewildering scoring system. You don’t have to do the same as here. I have brought all the details to learn how to score in pickleball. So, without further ado, Let’s sink into the details.

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What Is a Pickleball Game?

To people who have never played either badminton or table tennis, pickleball might seem not much different. From a spectator’s point of view, pickleball is just like playing tennis with different tools, but if you get into the court, only then you can truly understand what is the difference. The tools and rules are completely different. The game superficially resembles a lot to table tennis and badminton.

You can think of it as a hybrid of the two games.

What are the tools and equipment needed to play pickleball?

If you are curious to learn how to score in pickleball, then you must know what tools you will be using. The pickleball game doesn’t need a large space to play like other outdoor racket games. It has a similar court with a net in the middle of it, but the height is much lower than that of tennis and badminton. The players have to hit a Wiffle ball with a wooden paddle.

The paddles are not as round as that of ping-pong. The Wiffle ball has small holes in it which allow air to glow through it and have a nice light feel when you hit it.

Let’s Start With The Basics

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking about any game is, how to win. Just like tennis and badminton, there are two sides and on each side, there is either a single player or a pair of players present. You will have to toss the ball to the opposite side and or try your best to not have a fault. Similar to its fellow racket games, scoring pickleball also requires the skills of serving, receiving, speed, and agility.

The team or player who is able to exceed the limit of 11 points first will win.

It is not as simple as it looks. Just getting more points is not enough. If you have scored 11 and your opponent has scored 10, then you are not the winner. Are you thinking, why is that so? This is because pickleball rules include set criteria to win with a least a margin of two. So in order to win against an opponent having a total score of 10, you will have to score at least 12.

Who Gets To Score?

Many newbies get confused when it comes to scoring points against their opponents as it is mistaken to be similar to that in tennis and badminton. Not at every instance, each team gets the chance to score. Yes, you read it right, there are a few rules that bind one team from winning score points.

According to the rules of the pickleball game, you can only score a point if it is your turn to serve. If you are not on the serving team then you can only earn your chance of double serve by making the serving team break the rally.

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Another thing that you need to know before starting to play the game and act as a complete fool is whose turn it would be to serve. Keep one thing in mind that in pickleball all four players will have their own turn to serve. You can get to serve if your team wins the toss. The toss in pickleball is similar to that done in cricket and football.

Now among the two players of the toss-winning team, the one who is on the right side of the court is player one and gets the chance to start first. If the rally is broken by player one then the second player will get to serve.

How To Score In Pickleball?

If you are a newbie in pickleball, then you might have heard a server announce a set of numbers before serving, especially if it is a double game. This set of numbers is simply the score of the teams. Are you also wondering if the teams are two, then why are the set of numbers three?

This is because the first one is your score, the second is your opponent’s score and the third is not a score, it is just the number of the player who is serving from the team. Whereas in the case of single games, there are only two scores, one is yours and the other is your opponent.

How To Score In The Singles Games?

While you are taking part in a singles game, then scoring is not too complicated. You will have to mention your score first if you are the serving player, and then tell the score of your opponent. The positioning of the players can tell the spectators a lot about their scores.

You can earn a point if you have successfully managed to keep your rally going and the fault is made by your opponent. But when to change the sides? You must be on the right side at the start of the game if you are the server.

Try to not miss the ball or hit the net. If your opponent has made a mistake, you will earn a point. This means you will have one point. One is an odd number, so you will have to move to the left side of the court to serve. The right side is for an even score. This means that you will have to change sides according to the nature of the score each time you win a point.

If you make a mistake and your rally is lost, your opponent will serve. It is not necessary for the opposite player to serve from the right, if their score is 3, then they can serve from the left side.

How To Score In Doubles Game?

If it is a match between a doubles team, then you will have to be the one to win the toss to start the serve first. The player on the right start begins the rally by doing the serve. The Score at this point is 0-0-1 because it is the player one who is serving. From this point onwards two things can happen.

If the serving team has lost the rally by hitting the net, missing the ball, or by making a fault, then the service is given to the second player. But if the opposite receiving team makes a fault, then the serving team will earn a point. He will have to switch sides with his fellow team members.

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Pickleball Scoring In Doubles Game

If the first server loses the rally, it is the second player’s turn to serve and the score will be 0-0-2. If the second player keeps on winning points the players of the serving team will have to keep on switching sides with each other. In case, the second server loses a rally, the opposing team will get to serve.

The same rule will be applied to this team too, the player on the right will be the first server. The match will proceed until one team reaches the limit of 11 points while being two points ahead.


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Hopefully, now you are well aware of how to score in a pickleball game. Sometimes it is difficult to learn by watching a game as you can miss many points.

Reading is a more detailed and fast method to learn something, so I have compiled all the rules and technicalities regarding the scoring procedure of pickleball. Whether it is a singles game or doubles, scoring can be fun, once you have become familiar with it. Happy tossing!

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