How to Win Pickleball with Skill, Strategy, and Confidence (Tips and Tricks)

How To Win Pickleball

Unlock the secrets of how to win pickleball with our comprehensive guide. Learn essential skills, strategies, and tactics to outplay your opponents and secure victory on the court. Elevate your game, implement effective techniques, and become a pickleball champion.

Do you lose pickleball matches all the time despite putting in all your effort? If yes, then I have good news for you. The good news is this article is all about pickleball tips and strategies that will help you ace every match. If you don’t know how to win pickleball then this article will be of great help to you.

I am sharing a few useful pickleball strategies that you can apply in the field and can make everyone’s jaw drop in surprise. So, without any further due let’s get into it.

Mastering How to Win Pickleball Like a Pro ( Best Tips)

If you are into pickleball then you must know it is a physical as well as a mental game. Therefore, if you want to win pickleball you need to use both your mind and body. You don’t have to worry if you are unaware of the secret action plans for winning a pickleball game because in a while I will be revealing all these strategies to you. So here you go.

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The Serve

The game starts with service so you can take advantage of this if you are the one who is serving. But serves in pickleball are a little different from other racket games. Therefore, you need to do it very carefully to give yourself a chance to win the round. Now you must be wondering how you will do it. Well, no worries because you can use the following tips to give yourself an edge.

The first thing you can do is target the weakest side of your opponent so go for the backhand side as it’s the weakest. While you serve, hit it as deep as you can to make your opponent step back the farthest so he will get less time to get back in the position for the next shot. This will increase your chances of winning from the very beginning.

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How To Win Pickleball

Deeper Second Shot

The best strategy to win pickleball is by buying yourself time. You must be thinking it would be tough, but it is not. To get the most out of the second shot all you have to do is hit it deep on any side of the court. This will give you an edge as you are making driving shots difficult for the opponent.

Non-Volley Zone Line

The non-volley zone line is a great place to win some points in the game. Therefore, you should try to get there before your opponent, and it can only be possible when you are the returning team and hit your return serve hard. Do you have no idea how you can make it to the non-volley zone line faster than your opponent? An effective trick for making it to the non-volley zone line faster is to serve with a high arc. Try it out yourself.

Body Posture and Foot Movement

The next tip that can turn the tables for you is bending your knees and moving your feet while hitting the shot. When you bend your knees, hitting low balls in pickleball rules will be a piece of cake for you. As you are taking support from your strongest muscles you will not feel tired. Moreover, try to move forward and hit the shot from the front to score more points.

To score better, staying focused on the ball while you hit it is very important. Therefore, you should maintain a good body posture that favors easy foot improvement. Now you must be wondering how foot movement will make you the star of the game, right? Well once you master the foot movement in the right way, the chances of errors, missed shots, overswings, etc. will be a lot less as an amateur.

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How To Win Pickleball

Plan Your Every Strike

As I have mentioned earlier pickleball is a mind game too. Therefore, you should be mentally prepared for every shot. You need to decide your shot in your mind before you hit it. Make your decision and stick to it no matter what. It will be difficult in the start but once you know the tricks it will be child’s play for you.

Rely on Your Strengths and Your Opponent’s Weakness

The most intelligent way of winning a pickleball match is to know the weaknesses of your opponent. Start the game with your strengths and understand the moves of your opponent. Once you have figured out his/her weaknesses use them against the challenger to win every round.

Be Patient

Staying patient when the circumstances are not in your favor is very important. Don’t lose your temper and wait for the right time to hit the strategic shots. Don’t hit any shot agitated or out of emotions, be patient and wait for the right time to throw some attack shots toward your opponent.

Keep The Pickleball Low

Another great strategy for winning pickleball matches is keeping the pickleball low. Every low shot will make your opponent’s hit pop-ups to save them from touching the ground, but this will be of no use as it will give you an edge to hit aggressive and offensive return shots. Either way, the point will be yours if you hit the shots correctly.

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Communication Is The Key

If you are playing pickleball as a team then communicating with your partner during the game will help you win it. You can communicate your every move with your partner. Usually, players use this to let their partner know who is taking the shot, to guide or encourage their partner, etc.

Let The Out Balls Go

Being a pickleball player you should know when to miss a shot. The same is true for out balls. Whenever you receive an out ball let it go and don’t give an edge to your opponent to score a point. Out balls are neutral in a sense as it is a golden chance of scoring a point for you as well as your opponent. So play smart and let the out balls go to get a score.

Dink Crosscourt

The most forgiving shot in pickleball is dinking crosscourt. If you want to be a good pickleball player the best thing is to learn crosscourt dinking while keeping the pickleball low. Once you have mastered dink crosscourt shots nothing will be in your way of winning the match.


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Pickleball is taking over the world due to its attractive gameplay but winning the pickleball game seems hard, doesn’t it? But you can win it if you play it strategically. After spending hours trying pickleball tricks I found the following tricks the most effective out of all. So here you go.

  • Serve: there are high chances of scoring a point with backhand serve. So go for it.
  • Deeper second shots: will keep your opponent away from the baseline and they will lose more points.
  • Non-volley zone line: is your best friend as the chances of scoring a point in this zone are quite high.

If you love playing pickleball but lose most of the games, then you can try our recommended tricks to improve your game. I am talking with experience. These tricks are very effective so you should also try these to up your game. I hope you find the content of our article helpful. Thank you for reading.

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