Indoor Pickleball: A Thrilling Racquet Sport for All Ages

Here I have brought to you all that you will ever need to know about indoor pickleball to improve your gaming skills in no time.

Pickleball is for sure an absolutely enthralling game. Whether you are a fitness freak or an inactive person, you would surely enjoy playing pickleball. Like any other racquet game, pickleball can also be played on indoor as well as outdoor courts. Although this game has its own separate identity, you will find some similarities with other racquet games. Outdoor pickleball games seem more fun if you love to enjoy the weather and take challenges.

Being a fan of outdoor pickleball games, I really envy the people of California. Unfortunately, here in Texas, the weather makes it impossible to enjoy outdoor pickleball games. If you too are not a massive fan of outdoor sports and want to play a light sport to stay active, then indoor pickleball is the best option for you.

Do you want to try playing indoor pickleball? Here I have compiled all the details that you need to know about indoor pickleball and its rules. So, without further ado, let’s sink into the details.

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Indoor Pickleball

Indoor Pickleball

What Is an Indoor Pickleball Game?

Indoor pickleball games provide you with the same fun and excitement as outdoor pickleball games. If you had started playing pickleball on outdoor courts as a hobby with friends, then it is more likely that you have never experienced an indoor pickleball game before. But when it comes to professional players, it is rarely the case that they are not aware of indoor pickleball.

Many pickleball tournaments are held on indoor courts because of the convenience and control over game-affecting factors.

So, if you are a fresher and want to pursue a profession as a professional pickleball player, then you must have full command of both. The outdoor games are more fun and refreshing, but indoor games are also a good adventure that will help you explore and ameliorate your gaming skills.

When you are playing on indoor courts, you don’t have to worry about the time, weather, light, and temperature. You can start a rally with your friends or family, whenever you want.

What Is So Special About Indoor Pickleball?

From my personal experience, I have concluded that indoor pickleball allows you to have more control over your ball. Even the wiffleball used in indoor games is lighter but its movement is slow, so when you come from outdoor to indoor, things seem to be more clear and more strategic than before.

Indoor games provide you a long time as a server and enjoy the game more, because of the comparatively longer rallies.

Indoor pickleball games are much more convenient in comparison to outdoor pickleball games because there is not much chance of interruption. You don’t have to be concerned about drizzles, storms, or an extremely sunny day anymore because all of these aspects have no effect on your game on indoor courts.

The wiffleball used in pickleball is really light, hollow, and has multiple holes, so even a little wind can change the speed, and the projectile motion of the ball, and cause the ball to move away from the targeted area.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Pickleball?

Indoor and outdoor pickleball are just two sides of the same coin. Both types of pickleball sports are similar in many but different in a few aspects. If you are thinking that apart from the courts being indoor and outdoor, there is no other difference, then you are wrong.

The conditions that the players have to face are different. Apart from that, the tools used, the motion of the ball, and the type of court might vary.

The first and most notable thing when it comes to the difference between indoor and outdoor games is wiffleball. When I tried to hit an indoor wiffleball for the first time, the first thing that I noticed was the motion of the ball and its weight. Yes, the ball used in indoor games is not the one that you use for outdoor pickleball games.

The wiffleball used for indoor games has almost 2 times fewer holes than that of the outdoor one and has a larger circumference. This contributes to the lightweight and the delivery of more accurate shots.

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The second most noticeable thing is the movement of these Wiffle balls. Well, obviously the difference in the structure of the outdoor and indoor wiffleball allows them to have different speeds, movement, and friction.

Apart from the number and size of holes, the texture of these Wiffle balls is not smooth, so you will experience slightly more friction than the outdoor balls.

This increase in friction makes the balls move slower and spin more. Whereas, the smooth and heavier outdoor ball moves much faster comparatively.

The material used in the outdoor pickleball court is much harder compared to the indoor courts for pickleball games. The outdoor courts are mostly made up of concrete material to have a hard base which has another layer of polyurethane material that gives it a smooth finish. Whereas, indoor pickleball games are much smoother, especially because they are made up of silica sand.

Are The Rules For Outdoor And Indoor Pickleball the Same?

Yes, the rules for pickleball games are the same for outdoor and indoor games. Except for the type of Wiffle ball used in these games, the type of paddle, the size of the court, the scoring method, side out, faults, and the length and height of the net, all are the same. You don’t have to follow different rules for outdoor and indoor pickleball games.

You have to score a total of 11 points to win by the two-margin rule. The serving team is the only team to have the right to score. You will have to make the serving team break the rally to get the turn to serve.

Tips To Improve Your Indoor Pickleball Game

Pickleball playing strategy is not much different, whether it is an indoor game or outdoor one. But if you are shifting from outdoor to indoor pickleball sports, then you might need some time to adjust. The best way to improve is to give yourself time to adjust.

Within a few days, you will notice that your hand and brain have gotten used to it. Here are some tips that will help you make your indoor game better much more easily.

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tip to improve indoor pickleball game

1. First thing is to practice. You will have to get accustomed to the indoor ball and conditions.

2. The indoor ball needs a little more energy in order to be shot. So, if you don’t want to make a fault by hitting the net, try hitting with slightly more force to overcome the extra friction of the indoor ball.

3. The indoor ball’s movement is slow, so it can be difficult to score a point. In order to make your opposing team miss a ball, try to make a shot slightly away from them.

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4. The net in pickleball games is low and the bounce of the indoor ball is not really high. So, to reduce the chance of missing a shot, try to bend your legs.

5. Try to make an underarm hit, while moving upward. This will give your shot more lift and force.

6. Aiming at the legs is the best way to win a point over your opponent. The deep receiver is not easier to hit back, so the chance to miss is more.


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I hope that now you know what indoor pickleball is, its rules, differences, benefits, and how to play it. Indoor games of pickleball might seem completely similar to outdoor ones, but the fact is that these two have some differences. The ball of indoor games is lighter and has more texture and friction.

You don’t have to stop playing pickleball if it is raining or snowing outside as you can enjoy an indoor game anytime. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing indoor pickleball right away.

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