What Pickleball Paddle Do Most Pros Use?

What Pickleball Paddle Do Most Pros Use

Bringing you the answer to the question ‘What pickleball paddle do most Pros use?’ Which will help you in selecting the best.

Pickleball is known to be the best paddle sport when it comes to having fun in your leisure time along with keeping yourself fit. Not everyone keeps their love for the game limited to their time off. There is more to pickleball than your neighborhood pickleball court.

Similar to any other racket sport, pickleball has its own organized body that organizes and brings together top-class players in order to compete. If you are too interested in becoming a pro player, then you might need to master some skills along with equipping yourself with a top-class paddle.

If you are serious about getting into the mainstream pickleball game, then you might be familiar with names like Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin, Frank Anthony Davis, Collin Johns, Leigh Waters, Anna Leigh Waters, Catherine Parenteau, and many more.

Many enthusiasts look up to these players in order to improve their skills. Knowing what pickleball paddle do most pros use will help you select the best paddles to improve your skills.

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Game-Changing Pickleball Paddle: Unveiling the Pro’s Weapon of Choice!

Anyone who aspires to become a pro pickleball player must be in search of getting the best tools that can make it easier to improve their skills. Although skills matter more as compared to tools in making a hobbyist a pro gamer, the correct choice of the paddle can contribute to a player’s performance evidently.

There is a large variety of brands and models of paddles that makes it tiresome to choose the best. You can simply look for what the best in the game is relying on and go for it. Let’s start with the paddles that meet the pros in the top ranking make use of.

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What Pickleball Paddle Do Most Pros Use

JOOLA Pickleball Paddles

The JOOLA pickleball paddles have been dominating the pickleball games through 2022. This is because many pro players have been seen along with these paddles on courts. Not just many of the best ones are on the PPA’s top-ranking list and have appeared in the top tournaments.

The most prominent name among these players is Ben Johns. He is not just any player. With being in the first position in PPA’s ranking, he is the ultimate pro who is associated with JOOLA.

The paddles by JOOLA are exceptional because of their over a decade of experience, but the hypertension series that is launched in collaboration with Ben Johns is the best when it comes to an overall performance paddle.

JOOLA Ben Johns Hypertension CFS 16 mm premium pickleball paddle is a vital part of almost every pickleball tournament. This paddle is known for its thick build, the responsive core of honeycomb, carbon friction surface, and hyper foam edge wall.

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JOOLA Pickleball Paddles

Gamma Pickleball Paddles

The pickleball paddles by Gemma are known to be top-class in terms of quality and performance. This brand is not new in the game as it was launched in the 1970s. Although these paddles are not used by the top player, it is for sure the favorite of some of the best pickleball players. Positioned on the 3rd rank of the world’s best pickleball players Riley Newman is one of those pickleball players.

Riley has been seen playing with a Gemma 206 Middleweight paddle which is not thicker or heavy in build as compared to the JOOLA Ben Johns Hypertension CSF 16 mm paddle. This paddle has a core of polypropylene, extreme control, a tight grip because of the honeycomb material on the handle, and a powerful shot each time you swing the paddle.

Surprisingly Riley is not the only one to rely on Gemma for his performance on the court. The GAMMA Havoc Middleweight Composite how long does Pickleball Paddle last is one that is designed in partnership with Lindsey Newman.

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Gamma Pickleball Paddles

Selkirk Pickleball Paddle

The pickleball paddles by Selkirk are out of this world because of the technology and design that makers have put into the making of these. Because of the exceptional features that these paddles provide, the Selkirk paddles are the second most used pickleball paddle by pro players in professional tournaments.

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Even though Selkirk has no need to be associated with any player, the quality and structure make it quite obvious that many pros would. The most renowned name associated with Selkirk is Tyson McGuffin.

He is on the fourth number in the PPA men’s ranking and five times grand slam champion which makes him one of the top pro gamers. The pickleball paddle by Selkirk that Tyson McGuffin uses is the VANGUARD Power Air Invikta Middleweight Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle.

Even though McGuffin is known for his skills in agility on the court, apart from that vanguard pickleball paddle also contributes to his performance. These paddles have a high flex level, edgeless technology, 360-degree molding, a four-layered face, and an elongated design.

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Selkirk Pickleball Paddle used by most pros

Paddletek Pickleball Paddles

Paddletek is a competitor of Selkirk when it comes to pickleball paddles for professionals. Not just any professionals, the Paddletek paddles are used by the world’s top-class players that play in several international tournaments including grand slams.

The percentage of the usage of the Paddletek paddle is the same as that of Selkirk in the past year’s professional tournaments. The thing that makes these paddles unique is that they are half the price of the highly advanced design of Selkirk.

You will have exceptional performance with the Paddletek paddles no matter whichever model you choose. Want to know precisely which one is the pro-paddle by Paddletek that professionals use? Anna Leigh and Leigh Waters use the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Anna Leigh Waters Edition Lightweight Hybrid Paddle. This paddle has a high-grade core made up of honeycomb polymer, a lightweight design, and fiberglass epoxy.

This Duo is not the last one to admire the years of work and hard work that is put in Paddletek. Catherine Parenteau is the runner-up in the ranking of the world’s top 10 best women singles.

The paddle that Catherine Partenteasu uses is known as the Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro Catherine Parenteau Pickleball Paddle. This paddle is light, elongated, has graphite material, and advanced technology used. All these features allow the paddle to hit the ball so that there is less force but more long shots.

Electrum Pickleball Paddles

Among all of the others listed pro paddles for pro gamers, the Electrum pickleball paddle is quite different as it has no fancy design or tool used. In terms of percentage of usage among professionals, the Electrum paddles lie in third place. The pro players of pickleball that have a skill level of 5 points rely on this paddle for showing optimum performance on the court.

One of the users of Electrum paddles is Colin Johns. The model of Electrum that Colin is interested in is the Electrum Model E Middleweight Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle. This paddle with a sleek design aids extremely exceptional players like the Johns. This paddle has a honeycomb core which is enclosed in a face made up of raw carbon. The shape and weight will help you identify and control the pickleball.


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Whether you want to improve your pickleball skills or want to become a professional player registered with PPA, knowing what pickleball paddle most pros use will help you in keeping your head clear. You don’t have to get confused or feel overwhelmed by the high number of available paddles.

You can simply check the paddles that pro players like Ben Johns, Leigh Waters, Anna Leigh Waters, Riley Newman, Lindsey Newman, Tyson McGuffin, and Catherine Parentusua use as these people have contracts with these brands highlighting what is needed to be added in construction

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