How To Add Texture To Pickleball Paddle?

Explaining here the details about how to add texture to pickleball paddle to make it more profitable and fruitful for a pickleball game.

The pickleball paddle is one of the most crucial and important gears of the pickleball game. Because over time, the game has evolved, the paddles have also evolved. They are now also made with different types of construction materials that make them more durable, more robust, rigid, comparatively more customized, and more versatile.

You can also customize them on your own. And when it comes to customization, one of the most important things in pickleball paddles is adding textures. What exactly is texture, what are its advantages, and how to add texture to a pickleball paddle? This page is where you should stop.

This piece of writing will cover everything about texturing a pickleball paddle and taking advantage of it. We have also tried our best to cover the USAPA rules and specifications that you must have to follow while customizing the paddle. Please read the details below as we are going to answer and solve your query about texturing.

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Complete Guide on How To Add Texture To Pickleball Paddle

We are explaining here the benefits and the details about how to add texture to a pickleball paddle to make it more profitable and fruitful for a pickleball game. We will mainly discuss adding weight to the paddle frame and the customization of the paddle itself.

How To Add Texture To Pickleball Paddle

But in the start, we will talk about what exactly is pickleball paddle texture, what are its benefits and what are some of the important specifications that are told to us by the USAPA rule book that we must follow even if we are to customize our pickleball paddle on our own.

What Is The Pickleball Paddle Texture?

Pickleball paddle texture is basically the surface of the core from where you hit the ball. It can either be smooth or rough, but there are some strict rules and regulations from USAPA that you must follow when dealing with the texture of the pedal.

The correct and legal texture addition in the pickleball paddle not only enhances the stability and hand speed while playing the game but also makes the paddle more professional and ideal for pro-level pickleball players. Moreover, the right texture also provides you with a better and enhanced grip on the handle.

Benefits Of Adding Texture

Those pickleball paddles that have added texture in them provide the player with more spin, more power, and great speed to the ball. Right texture addition provides you with benefits that you normally cannot get from the plain surface of the paddles. Adding texture to the pickleball paddle makes them more productive and allows you to make the shots better and improved. Let us now learn how we can add texture to a pickleball paddle.

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Addition Of The Weight In The Paddle Frame

There are no particular USAPA rules or guides for the weight of the pickleball paddle. This means you can add weight reliably to the paddle to get more stable performance. For adding weight to the paddle frame, you can go with the use of electric tape or lead tape.

If you have a lead tape with you, you can easily wrap it throughout the surface of the frame to make it heavier. This customization provides you with more power and better speed. Similarly, if you want to make your paddle more balanced, add this lead tape to the top and bottom parts of the frame and not to the right and left.

This will provide you with a paddle that is more balanced and stable. Similarly, for the addition of extra weight to the paddle, you can also add weight to the handle and the edge guard, simply with the use of electrical tape.

Customizing The Grip

How To Add Texture To Pickleball Paddle

You can also perform customization in the grip by simply changing it with the new one or adding an extra grip to make it more adequate according to your hand size. It is not illegal and is allowed according to USAPA rules and regulations. If you feel that your grip is getting slippery and is not absorbing sweat from your hands, then you can also customize the grip and can change it with the grip of your own choice.

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Adding texture to the pickleball paddle also includes personalization of the paddles. You can perform personalization by customizing the top surface of the paddle. You can add stickers, you can add paint, and you can add your name too. While doing personalization on the pickleball paddle by adding paint, one thing that you should keep in mind is that the paint you are selecting is non-reflective.

Moreover, personalization with handwritten names or drawing on your own is preferable to anything else. Plus, anything that you think will bother others and will create discomfort for them is strictly prohibited in the customization of the pickleball paddles.

USAPA Specification For Texture Addition In The Paddle

The following points tell you about specific recommendations and suggestions that USAPA provides the players with, mainly when they are planning to customize their paddle. These rules and regulations should be followed while customizing your paddle because in case you don’t know and you are not following them, your paddle will not be legal, and you cannot use it for professional tournaments or games.

Following is the list of those points.

  • The construction material used for the pickleball paddle should be non-compressible and should be rigid, and strong. Going with composite construction material, wooden or graphite, are the most recommended choice.
  • There are no boundaries for the weight limit. You can go with a heavy-weight or lightweight paddle according to your need, play style, and choice.
  • Length and width should not exceed more than 24 inches.
  • There are no limits to the thickness of the pickleball paddle; you can go with any thickness that you think provides you with the best performance.
  • Make sure the paddle face you have of your pickleball paddle has no holes.
  • You are not allowed to add extra material to the face to give roughness to the surface of the paddle.
  • Reflective paint and design are prohibited.
  • Do not use a paddle that has a rubber core or the foam core.
  • You can’t use anything that can increase the spinning speed or bounce of the ball.


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Final Thoughts

This above-written piece of information tells you how to add texture to a pickleball paddle and what things are allowed while customizing the paddle. We have covered everything from what exactly adding texture is, what its benefits are, and how you can add weight to the frame. We have also specified the rules and regulations you must remember while texturing because USAPA mentions them.

What you can do is you can add weight to the frame of the paddle and can customize the grips. Stay away from anything that can assist you in spinning, bouncing, or speeding up the ball. This means you can customize the paddle exactly as you want while keeping in mind the rules and regulations of USAPA.

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