A Comprehensive Guide on How to Become a Pickleball Referee

Here is detailed information on how to become a pickleball referee in order to fulfill your dreams and goals.

Referees play an important role in all the tournaments and Champion League play games. Similarly, the pickleball referee knows all the rules and regulations of pickleball in order to make the right decision. Well, the job of a referee is somewhat arduous as they are responsible for assigning correct scoring. If you are thinking of becoming a pickleball referee, then you are actually at the right site.

In this article, I will let you know how to become a pickleball referee in order to meet your goals. The referee training is quite lengthy and tough as it requires a lot of hard work and enthusiasm. Also, nowadays the demand and worth of a referee are increasing and the competition has become even harder. Read the article to fulfill your dreams of becoming a great pickleball referee.

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How to Become a Pickleball Referee

Pickleball is a fast-growing game and the proper rules are required to understand the basic winning guidelines. With the passage of time, the best pickleball players are further trained to become referees. Referee training is quite necessary so that the referee can perform his duties well. Referees take full responsibility for making the right judgment of what actually happened in the game.

When referees do not know the basic rules and do not perform their job well then it leads to referee error and indecision. Well, if you are interested in becoming a pickleball referee then it is important that you know all the basic rules and regulations in order to pass the correct judgment.

Referee training will help you to perform your duties well and you will be able to give the right score to the required team or player. Also, the referee should keep in mind that whoever violates the rules will be disqualified.

To make the right conclusion it is important that the pickleball referee should be aware of all the required rules. This article will surely help you know how to become a pickleball referee and what basic things you need to learn and follow. Read the article to clear the necessary questions revolving in your mind regarding pickleball referees.

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How to Become a Pickleball Referee

Understanding Rules

The first question that mostly comes to mind is why become a referee? The referee’s job is to understand and know all the rules regarding the game in order to do the right scoring. A better understanding and know-how of rules will make the referee’s decision quite straightforward.

The pickleball game also has some basic rules and on the basis of these rules, the players are scored. The referee basically tells that non-volley zone and makes sure that the player is following the odd/even rule. So, before becoming or applying for a referee it is important that you study the primary rules of pickleball. Understanding the rules will help you become a better referee.

Improve Pickleball skills for Becoming a Referee

A good pickleball referee is trained and has improved pickleball playing skills. Proper training and skills will enhance your referee skills too. A good referee is one who knows every aspect of the game and makes sure that the players are following the rules and playing the pickleball game correctly. Improved pickleball referee skills will allow the referee to score according to the rules of the pickleball game.

Referee Training

For fair decision-making, good referee training is very important. A good referee keeps a check on both the players and makes sure that the players are playing the game honestly. Also, a referee basically notes the scores of the player during the play.

A skillful and trained referee checks if the ball is coming in or going out and then makes a call accordingly. After checking the ball direction, the referee assigns the goal in favor of the deserving team.

More than being a great player it is important that you should be a perfect referee. Nowadays good referees are few and the most demanding ones are those who are skillful and trained. Also, the pickleball referee plays the most important role during the tournament in terms of correct scoring.

A trained and certified pickleball referee will make proper decisions and will score the players by following the pickleball game rule.

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Paid Job

Obviously, the best thing to know is that a pickleball referee job is a paid job. But, a paid job basically depends upon the referee’s own skill and level. Some beginners are not paid for their referee job but some professional and certified pickleball referees are paid a good sum of money by tournament organizers.

As we know that the most famous and skillful referees are quite hard to find and also they offer good pay to play their role during the League. If you are a skillful, trained, and talented pickleball referee then you will surely be offered a great pay job as the scope of pickleball is increasing with the passage of time. Also, certified pickleball referees are earning more than other ones because of their proficiency level.

Pickleball Referee Levels

Pickleball is taking a special place among sports. The pickleball organization is working hard to promote this game to the next level. In the current years, many people are playing pickleball as it is quite common among youth and people enjoy playing it. Similarly, with the growth of this game, the need for pickleball referees also increases.

Many people who love seeing and playing pickleball games want to become pickleball referees. Well, you can get training from USAPA who will give you a certificate, which will help you easily get a pickleball referee job. You should keep in mind that there are different four pickleball referee levels, which will give you a sense of which level is most suitable for you to join.


A newcomer is the first and the beginner-level of pickleball referee. At this level, most people are not actually aware of their referee duties. People at this stage need to go under training from USAPA in order to know the basic rules and duties of becoming a pickleball referee. For a newcomer, it is important that they should apply and join the training program.

Firstly, the person should go to the official website in order to apply for a referee seat. Then you will get a rulebook, which contains the basic rules and regulations of a pickleball game. Also, you can watch some online videos to get an idea about the duties of a pickleball referee.

Now, your next step should be to search for ‘’Referee Registration Trainer’’ or you can even contact ‘’Referee Training Coordinator’’ in order to join the pickleball referee classes and training program.

Once after taking classes and training sessions, you will be allowed to sit in the pickleball game or tournament by the management. By sitting and observing you will learn how pickleball referees play their role during the game. After that, you will be free to play your referee role and this will lead you to become credentialed pickleball referee.

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How to Become a Pickleball Referee

Level 1 Referee

It is very important that you keep on brushing and polishing your skills when you enter into professional life. Becoming a pickleball referee requires effort and to achieve the desired goal you should have proper training. To enhance your pickleball skills rating it is important that you should study the rulebook, which contains all the necessary information related to the pickleball referee job.

Also, you can take a handbook of rules and read it thoroughly to know the basic rules of the game. Look and search for the samples, which will help you know how the referee plays a role during tournaments and Champion Leagues. Once you notice and follow the guidelines of the referee it will help you perform better and become a good pickleball referee.

It is also important to test yourself on how much you have acquired. You can apply for a Referee Test, Player Test, and Line Judge Test to boost your experience and confidence. Also, ask your trainer to check your refereeing skills and abilities to check your current status of expertise.

Level 2 Referee

Level 2 referees are on the upgraded level and hence they require even more tough training than the level 1 referee. Well, the Level 2 pickleball referees need to develop more command and confidence in their skills. They need to work more on their abilities in order to reach their third level. In level 2 of the pickleball referee, the referee especially studies the different situations that can occur during the game.

Pickleball understands how to handle tough and conflicted situations. Also, at level 2 the referee keeps on studying the rulebook, which will surely guide the referee and build the confidence to take part in as many games as possible. Also, at this stage, the referees need to be tested on how much they have learned from previous levels. After this, the referee will move toward the next level.

Certified Referee

The last level is the certified referee who cleared all the levels and reached this professional level. This level is basically the highest level where the pickleball referee gets the certificate of his expertise and acquired skills.

At this stage, you will officially become a pickleball referee and you will be allowed to play your role during the tournaments. A proper certificate and white shirt will be assigned to the referees at this level, and they will be responsible for scoring the players at the supreme level of the sport.

A certified referee will need to sign a contract with a Certified Referee Coordinator. Also, a certified referee needs to be tested and it is important that an individual should score 90% at this level in order to guarantee the skills. To get the certificate you can apply for an application and fulfill the requirements of the documents. Once the application for certification is accepted you can then become a pickleball referee.


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I hope that now you have got a detailed answer on how to become a pickleball referee. It is important to know the worth of a referee and their duties, only then you can be motivated to become a good referee. Becoming a good pickleball referee requires the highest level of effort and hard work.

You need to be trained and know all the skills and rules of the game. The more you will practice the more you will learn the skills of the pickleball game. To make a good career and reach the required level you should read the rules from the official rulebook.

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